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Car care isn’t just something we value for ourselves, it’s recognisable value for any car. So while it’s the standard practice to buy a service for your own car, I thought it would be appropriate and timely to facilitate it for someone you know; maybe they struggle to find the time, or you know it’s a seasonal gift that they will appreciate. Whatever the reason, get in touch using the contact form and ask about my voucher system. While this is an all-year round facility, for the Christmas period any purchases up to and including 24th December 2023 will get an extra 10% off.


The British Vehicle Rental and Leasing Association has a Fair Wear and Tear Guide that oversees the condition of a vehicle returned after a lease or rental period. As I am experienced with this guide, I would be happy to clean your car in advance of a return and review the condition of the bodywork and interior to make sure anything that may need repair can be done in good time, and anything doesn’t require repair is doesn’t have money needlessly spent on it. Let me know in the contact form if you are coming to the end of the lease and would like me to review your vehicle.

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